Soft Story Retrofits

Garage door openings and/or large unreinforced ground-floor spaces are the most vulnerable to collapse under strong lateral forces of an earthquake. In San Francisco there are thousands of multi-unit buildings and homes with these “soft-story” conditions.

With the passing of San Francisco’s Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance, seismic building codes have been updated so it is important to know your building is being retrofitted to current seismic standards which include the right hardware and installation methods of bolts, clips, hold downs, foundation footings, steel frames and shear walls.

At Seismic Retrofitters, we work only with qualified engineers and reputable suppliers to offer both custom engineered and pre-certified bracing systems to reduce costs and turnaround times.



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Soft Story Retrofits

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Soft Story Retrofits

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Metal Framing House garage retrofitted with metal frames. House with no seismic retrofitting callapses.
Photo credit: Simpson Strong-Wall    
Steel moment frames installed to garages can prevent a building from collapsing in an earthquake.